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San Anselmo Reprise
Questions in Llareggub
Mawl a Marwnad Afan
Similar Weather

The Girls of Summer

2000's, San Anselmo, CA
Late `90s, Wales & Arizona
May 2004, Phoenix area
October 2015, Phoenix area
`80s San Anselmo, CA
Mid `90s, Glendale, AZ

Late 2014, Phoenix area
Early `90s, Glendale, AZ


San Anselmo Reprise

Two expatriates, at one time living near each other in Southern England, then Northern California, meet from time to time to recollect, make music, look forward, exchange dreams, bandage old and new wounds, and seamlessly resume a friendship spanning over 40 years. There are always major changes, but, at heart, the important things remain unchanged. William Blake understood this.

"The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship."

San Anselmo Reprise text & photo

Listen to San Anselmo Reprise performed by John Good.

The musical accompaniment was composed/improvised and recorded
in the same room in San Anselmo California, in which the poem was written,
over a period (on and off) of many years.

A. Hindson: Engineer and Percussion Assemblage
J. Good: Flutes, Words, Whistles and Voice.

     talking to Dylan Thomas...

Questions in Llareggub

...at the Boathouse     

Listen to Questions in Llareggub performed by John Good.

From the album From the First 1500 Years of Welsh Poetry.

Text of the poem
John and his wife Kelly at Dylan Thomas' Boathouse
Kelly and John the Boathouse, some time ago...  

     love and loss of childhood...

Mawl a Marwnad Afan

In Praise and Lamentation for Afan

Listen to Mawl a Marwnad Afan sung by John Good.

The poem
Photo of the River Afan by David Good
the River Afan by David Good     

     getting over a loss...


...creativity heals     

Listen to John's take on Kyle.

A poem for my friend Kyle Harris

Kyle Harris

Kyle Harris - Glendale Lib recording John Good, Aug 2007


     international spring...

Similar Weather

Listen to John's take on Similar Weather.

Similar, a poem

     a midsummer night's dream...


Listen to John's take on Sleep.

Sleep, a poem

     regulating the clock...


Listen to John's take on Timekeeper.

The poem the Timekeeper

     the maiden verbage...

The Girls of Summer

Listen to John's take on The Girls of Summer.

The Girls of Summer

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